Sunday, June 7, 2009

We have growth!

Wow--five of the seven vines have leaves and are off and growing. The winner is the lone Syrah that is growing like gangbusters.

Not too happy with the Zinfandel. Two of the vines look like they won't make it. But we have high hopes that they'll come through for us. Luckily My Personal Vineyard, where we bought the vines guarantees their vines (if you do everything right--which we did). But, again, we're keeping our fingers crossed that these two Zins will start to bud.

We had some crazy weather this week--gusty winds and rain. And, it's cool again this weekend. But, our little vines are hanging in there and thriving (well, except for the two duds...).

On another note, our tomatoes and tomatillos are going OFF! We're going to have a great harvest. Thanks to Clark and his excellent way with compost :)


  1. I call some of that produce!

  2. Me too (on the tomatoes and tomatillos)!

    Also, keep us posted on how those two Zins do. I'll also be interested in hearing about your customer service experiences from My Personal Vineyard.

  3. Post some more shit you lazy sack of crap!

  4. Yikes, that cooking asshole is very impatient!