Monday, May 18, 2009

Ahh. Monday, and back to my real job. Another beautiful day here in the NW and i'm stuck here at work. Tomarrow i'll plant Cab Franc and more Zin(primativo). Then it's off to school for this inexperienced wine grower. There are alot of workshops for wine enthusiasts here in the Portland area. Good for me. Have a winederful day!


  1. Nicely done on the vineyard! I say quit your day job and go into wine full time!

    Love your pictures and best of luck in producing some excellent Red Red Wine! : )

  2. Hi - Somehow I remembered enough of what you said the URL would be to find you. I chatted with you a couple of weeks ago as I walked by to admire your vines.

    And I had a question for you, will the winemaking also be an experiment for you, or just growing your own grapes? Also is there a local winemaking group in Portland that you know of?



  3. Nancy--thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to share a real glass of our wine with you!

    Eric--yes, I plan on making wine although I have years to learn, because the grapes won't be ready for an actual harvest for a few years. I haven't made wine before, but look forward to it.

    My plan is to take some classes on winemaking. We've found two resources--wine supply stores--Bader Beer & Wine in Vancouver and FH Steinbart in NE. And, then the plan is to buy wholesale wine grapes from local wine growers here in OR and learn how to make wine.

    So, I'll be in good shape when my wine grapes are ready--hopefully!